Welcome to the website of Iron Sharpens Iron One-on-One Ministries.  The purpose of our ministry is to help Christians have one-on-one fellowship and accountability.  This ministry is about keeping it real.  It is about transparency and opening yourself up to one another in times of joy, during trials, and tribulations.  It is about living life together supported by Christ-centered accountability.  This website is a place where new Christians can be united with a mentor in a local church to help them in their spiritual walk.  We are here to assist the local church in doing one-on-one discipleship with new Christians.



We have to be transparent and open to the people we are mentoring, even to the point of acknowledging our own faults and mistakes. They need to hear us confessing, repenting, and then seeing what the Lord can do in our own lives.


Prayer should be examined in all of its aspects for the believer. It is important to discuss how to pray, when to pray, what is the purpose of prayer and how God answers prayer.


Scripture is not something to just read or something that happened in history. It is the living Word of God and we need to remember that at all times. (Hebrew 4:12)